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Meet the team

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who is who?



Have played since: 2000. THE OG SIMS 1 BABY

Lives in: Belgium

Most common playstyle: Story Driven

Favorite pack: Sims 1 Makin' Magic, I'm sure people know this by now.

Least favorite townie: Tragic Clown. Get outa here...

Favorite book/movie: Movie is Jim Henson's Labyrinth and book is Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

A game you also play: Final Fantasy 14 took over my life since it came out and I regret NOTHING

Podcast recommendation: BOOS AND BREWS. Amazing podcast about beers and ghosts and the hosts are an absolute JOY. I’m gonna sneak a second one in here, it’s called Kowabana and it’s Japanese scary stories translated and told by a wonderful Australian lady. 

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Have played since: Initially since 2000, but picked up around ´09 with Sims 3

Lives in: California!

Most common playstyle: Storytelling in my head, my own sort of legacy

Favorite pack: TS4: City living TS3: Generations & Supernatural

Favorite book/movie: Book: Me Before You/Movie: Love & Basketball

A game you also play: Diablo III and Magic the gathering

Podcast recommendation: Wine and Crime (True Crime) and You Must Remember This (Old Hollywood History)

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Have played since: 2003

Lives in: Michigan, near Detroit

Most common playstyle: Rotational or Challenges

Favorite pack: Sims 2: Night Life & Apartment Living Sims 4: City Living/Laundry day/ Country Living

Least favorite townie: Probably changes every save, but Eliza

Favorite book/movie: Book: Lunar Chronicles, Good Omens, A man Called Ove/Movie: Clue and LOTR

A game you also play: D&D, Pokémon

Podcast recommendation: All Fantasy Everything/ Let's Talk about Myths Baby/ Behind the Basatards



Have played since: 2001

Lives in: Ohio, USA

Most common playstyle: Making up stories for the townies and playing them out

Favorite pack: Sims 2 Freetime

Least favorite townie: The Pancakes

Favorite book/movie: Captain America: Civil War

A game you also play: Stardew Valley

Podcast recommendation: Last Podcast on the Left for True Crime and Best Friends for Humor

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Have played since: 2003

Lives in: Illinois, USA

Most common playstyle: Challenge/
Legacy, Storytelling

Favorite pack: Cottage Living/Nifty Knitting

Least favorite townie: Nancy Landgraab

Favorite book/movie: Warm Bodies

A game you also play: Magic the

Podcast recommendation: Trashy 



Have played since: 2001

Lives in: Uppsala, Sweden

Most common playstyle: Builds baby

Favorite pack: Eco Lifestyle/Sims 3 Supernatural

Least favorite townie: Judith with the hair

Favorite book/movie: Every book written by Haruki Murakami or Pachinko by Min Jin Lee

A game you also play: Hades

Podcast recommendation: Teacher's Pet (International) or Flashback Forever for my Nordic friends

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Have played since: Dawn of time.. 2000

Lives in: The Lone Star State

Most common playstyle: 90 h in CAS then abandoning the Sims in their new home

Favorite pack: Sims 3 World Adventure, Generations and Supernatural

Least favorite townie: Marcus and Penny

Favorite book/movie: Book: Mercy Thompson Series by Patricia Briggs
Movie: Ever After & Mansfield Park

A game you also play: Dragon Age and Mass Effect Series

Podcast recommendation: Noble Blood, Queens and Small Town Murder

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