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About us

Sul sul and welcome to Under the Plumbob Podcast where we discuss everything related to EA-maxis series of games The Sims. This Podcast is bi-weekly, and we cover everything from different packs, community news, townies that suck and what city would be the best to live in?

We're a group of young women who has enjoyed this game for the better part of our lives and wanted to share our stories, community meltdowns and the lore of this phenomenon with the people in the real world.

This Podcast came about after sharing some wild Sims stories with eachother online, mostly how we’re killed our Sims over the years, (you know normal bonding talk). And we wanted to share the experience with other people. Really getting to deep dive into the universe of one of our times (only) life-simulator games and all the madness it brings.




Are you ready to meet the people behind the podcast?

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